Structural FX, Inc. - Creative Custom Solutions for you Building needs

Structural FX is the San Francisco Peninsula's premiere home construction and remodeling company. We work with homeowners on every phase of a project to ensure the highest level of quality and satisfaction. For over 10 years Structural FX has been transforming customer dreams into reality.

What We Do

Structural FX, Inc. will assist you at every stage, from preconstruction to completion. With solutions to fit every lifestyle and budget, Structural FX is your full service building and construction partner. We are experts when it comes to additions, remodeling kitchens and baths, decking, roofing — all of the elements that make your home functional and enjoyable. We are happy to brainstorm with you for ideas to perfect your project.


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Our Past Projects

The Structural FX, Inc. team likes to think 'out of the box'.  There is never a problem, always a solution! We are proud of our past projects, big and small.